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Hello everybody,

In This World Together was just reviewed by, which is an amazing website, which “celebrates the best of both worlds from a bicultural mom’s perspective. Biculturalism is not just about race – it’s also about heritage, culture, religion, philosophy, and attitude.”

Here’s what was said about In This World Together:

Books are a gateway to exposing children to ideas and can reinforce (or altar) their views of themselves. As such, seeing others who reflect their lives can help shape their identities. It’s challenging to find children’s picture book featuring multiracial children. That’s why ‘In this World Together’ is an important and relevant book. It follows a multiracial boy growing up in the world to interracial parents. The book touches upon themes of interracial marriage, multiracial families, bullying, self-esteem, friendship, self-identity, and acceptance. Published by Mushmato, Ltd.

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