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Let’s Talk Race

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Last year, my cousin and I went to Chicago Ideas Week to see the talk, Life’s Big Questions. All of the speakers were incredible, but I was blown away by Jose Vargas. He was articulating, without fear, what many immigrants feel on a daily basis. He spoke about being afraid in… Read more »

Come see Mushmato at the Printers Row Lit Fest!

Come and get your literary on! We will be near Polk and Dearborn. See you then!

New Review over at Bicultural Mama!

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Hello everybody, In This World Together was just reviewed by, which is an amazing website, which “celebrates the best of both worlds from a bicultural mom’s perspective. Biculturalism is not just about race – it’s also about heritage, culture, religion, philosophy, and attitude.” Here’s what was said about In… Read more »